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fish_recs's Journal

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Recs by Fish Echo
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Multi-fandom recs (primarily fics)
Hi and welcome!

This is the comm for [info - personal] fish_echo//fish_echo's recs. I rec mostly fic and some podfic. Occasionally I'll rec other types of fanwork. My fandoms are an eclectic bunch. Big ones for me at the moment are: SGA, Leverage, Mythbusters, SPN, Psych, [Bettina's Fandom], SPN RPF, White Collar, Merlin (BBC), Doctor Who 'verse. Other ones are: HP, Wiseguy, Sandman, Buffy/Angel-verse, SG1, Firefly, and a whole lot of other ones I wander through. (I list in the 'interests' section all fandoms that I've recced at least once as well as fandoms which I haven't yet recced but intend to.) I have finally finished importing all the recs [from my journal]. My updates are very, very sporadic (sorry!).

There is now a Dreamwidth feed of this comm which can be found at [fish-recs-feed], courtesy of [personal profile] starlady.

  • If you'd like to contact the mods* of this comm for some reason, you have several options: [here's the mod contact post with comment screening enabled], there's the comm email address listed in the profile, and there's always the option of PM'ing the mods directly or leaving a comment on any entry posted to this comm by a current mod. (*At the time of writing, Fish has no plans to have anyone else mod the comm aside from herself but it is theoretically possible, hence the phrasing of this paragraph.)
  • This comm allows anon commenting and doesn't track IP addresses. Posts and comments made here are indexable by search engines.
  • Here's a [link to the post of comm policy.]
a dog's breakfast, american idol, angel, anthropomorphic fic, astronomy, audiobooks, better off ted, bettina's fandom, blade runner, bones, buffy, captain jack harkness, castle, chuck, criminal minds, cw rpf, discworld, doctor who, doctor who rpf, due south, duesouth, dw, ella enchanted, ella enchanted (book), eureka, fairy tales, fan fic, fan fiction, fan mixes, fan vids, fandom, fandom rpf, fanfic, fanfic recs, fanfiction, fanmixes, fanvids, fanwork, fanwork recs, fanworks, ffvii, fiction, fictional computer programs, final fantasy games, final fantasy vii, firefly, folk tales, generation kill, geography, geology, gilgamesh, gk, harry potter, hockey, hockey rpf, house, hp, icarly, icelandic sagas, inception, invader zim, justice league, legends, leverage, little red riding hood, lord of the rings, lotr, merlin, merlin (bbc), middleman, monsters inc., mythbusters, myths, ncis, ncis:la, pirates of the caribbean, podbooks, podfic, podfics, potc, prison break, psych, ratatouille, reccing, recs, riese, rpf, sandman, sarah jane, sarah jane adventures, sg1, sg:a, sga, sga rpf, sherlock (bbc), sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, sherlock holmes (tv 1954), sherlock holmes all canons, smallville, sn, spn, sports night, star trek, star trek aos, star trek reboot, star trek reboot rpf, star trek tos, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stargate: atlantis, stargate: sg1, stories, studio 60, supernatural, supernatural rpf, sv, the sarah jane adventures, the time traveler's wife, the-occasional-bit-of-original-fiction, torchwood, torchwood rpf, tortall, transformative works, vids, vorkosigan, vorkosigan series, white collar, wicked gentlemen, wiseguy

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