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24 April 2011 @ 04:58 am
Part I.b of II [thus completing Part I]: Harry Potter recs, cont.: Constellations of Fanworks  
For my policy on things such as spoilers, warning, and ratings, please see [my policy post].

If you'd like to see this rec set with all cuts intact (nicely hiding everything), clicky clicky: [This post with cuts intact].

I've had to split this rec set into two LJ posts due to size, but it's also kind of convenient from a thematic point of view. [The first part of this rec set] is in my regular format for recs, but I've done something a bit different with this part. (And I know the requester mostly cares about fic, but I really couldn't write these up any other way, sorry).

There were two constellations of fanworks which I wanted to include on this list which were troublesome to my normal format for the happy-making reason of having too many associated fan works to be able to apply my usual header template unaltered. What I have here are two fics (both fanfic of the Harry Potter series) which each spawned a number of works in a variety of media.

I really really love cases like this-- where we see fen springboarding off of another fan's work. I think the dynamic in these cases is subtly different than that between canon and fanwork-- possibly because of the complete loop which feedback goes producing different sorts of things or possibly it just has to do with the differences in perceived playing field between the two cases and then with that being something that shows up in the work which they create, or possibly it has more to do with how I perceive it, but regardless, it's awesome). Irregardless of the exact reason why, I do love it, and hopefully you do/will too.

The way I've formatted this is to divide this post up into three sections, the first being this blathery section and the second two being the fanwork constellations associated with each fic. In those two sections, I first rec the initiating fic and then the entire constellation. As always, but especially with these works, please do mention any related works which I've unintentionally overlooked!

Story: Let's Pretend the War Is Over
Author: pir8fancier // [personal profile] pir8fancier // [pir8fancier (personal site)]
Fandom, etc.: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, PG-13, 8200 words
Posting Date: 28 January 2006
Contains (mine): [skip] Past character death and current dealing with same. Draco has a phobia of everywhere outside of his flat (I think that this is treated very well, for what my opinion is worth.). Draco considers himself mad. (End of hidden text.)
Contains (author's): [skip] Post-war. Miniscule spoilers for HPB. Lots of wild speculation. And no sex. It has come to pass that I think I need to warn people about this. (End of hidden text.)
Author Dedication: To Draco Malfoy, who, despite being bat-shit insane, noticed that I needed to say good-bye to my father.
Pull quote: If Draco hadn't been entirely terrified, he might have given a fleeting nod to how ingenious his craziness was becoming, because there stood Harry Potter clutching a bunch of white long-stemmed roses. Potter was usually the voice behind the knock. That's how Draco knew he was going mad. Since when does Harry Potter (lauded vanquisher of dark lords) drop by-- Draco looked at his watch-- for tea with Draco Malfoy (disgraced ex-follower of vanquished dark lords). Not in this fucking lifetime. [no author summary given.]
My Notes: This is a story I fell in love with the very first time I read it and haven't stopped loving it since. I find in an immensely comforting/fuzzy-making story. I'm not quite sure I can explain why-- I think it has something to do with the relationship between Draco and Harry in this one, or maybe how Draco (and Harry too) deals with his maybe-crazy-maybe-not-ness, a combination of matter of fact and not... *waves hands* *shrugs and gives up on words* Anyway, I find that this story blooms so lovely in my mind, visual and with texture and marvelously, and I just love it and find it fits warm and close around me, like a jumper I'm fond of.
Why it fits: You said you hadn't read this yet and that's a cryin' shame. Especially since it actually fits your prompt fairly well-- it's got the length and the right generation, a bit o' angst and it's an incredible story.
Alternate links: ['Let's Pretend...' (LJ)]

Art: [How to deal with the sunlight]
Artist: reira_21
Medium, etc.: Pencil, PS, rated G
Date posted: 2009-11-05
Artist's notes: [T]his is my personal interpretation of pir8fancier's fanfiction 'Let's pretend the war is over'. You won't find this scene reading the story, because I just tried to draw what the fanfiction means to me. // Please, no concrit on this one.
My notes: I love this art with the firey heart of a thousand suns. As soon as I first glimpsed it I knew exactly which story it was for. And I know that the artist claims it's no particular scene in the story, but that must clearly be incorrect, because it's just as if the image was plucked from my brain and placed onto the page, so I'm certain that this scene is in the story. Or maybe it isn't, maybe it's just the essence of the story, sketched out and coloured in on the page and shared.

Art: Untitled
Link: the image is embedded in Post 2 of the LJ [(untitled)]
Artist: oldenuf2nb
Medium, etc.: pencil, I think. rated gen
Date posted: not certain
My notes: I firmly believe that hiding works best if one's head is under the blanket (or shower curtain, or whathaveyou), but aside from that. oldenuf2nb captures the fear/etc on Malfoy very well here (dude, if I could be half as coherent in words as this piece is in art, there'd be infinity less handwavings and shruggings in my recs).

Podfic: [Let's Pretend the War Is Over (mp3)]
Performed by: raitala // [raitala (podbean)] // [Raitala at DeviantArt]
Stats: 48:20, 44.3 MB, mp3
Date posted: not certain
My notes: I think it was the first time that I listened to this podfic that I realised how this story could be a sad/mourning story-- previously I could only see it as a happy/comforting story. I'm not sure if that says more about Raitala's performance or my reaction to words visually versus aurally (the good money is at least partially on Raitala's reading).Whichever way it is, this is one of those readings which listening to it certainly added dimension to the story. The recording quality is lovely, as is the pacing and enunciation. I find the volume a bit low, but that seems par for the course for me and podfic.
Alternate links: Note that Raitala prefers to be the only host for her podfic, so the above link goes to her podbean page. Feedback for her may be left there or at [Raitala's master podfic page].

My notes on everything: Someday maybe I will write down my thoughts on fandom and fanworks and storytelling, but this is not the place or time for that. So instead, let me just remark that there once upon a time was a series written by JKR which inspired a story told in words written down by pir8fancier which inspired a story about that story told in art and inspired another storyteller to tell me (and us all) her version of that story in read-aloud words. This is transformative work, people. This is independent, collaborative story-telling and I love it!

Story: Lamp in the Cooling Room (personal site)
Author: Sansa // [Sansa (personal site)] // [insanejournal.com profile] sansa1970. Note that this is her formerly active fannish penname. Her currently-active identity is libby_drew // [Libby Drew]. (These identities are linked with explicit author permission.)
Fandom, etc.: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, R, 9K words
Posting Date: 2008-04-20
Contains: [skip] Past character death and current peril (up to and including the potential for character death). Lucius Malfoy having been a stuck-up pureblood arse. Technically speaking, a tad of accidental voyeurism. (End of hidden text.)
Author's Summary: Draco and Harry become snared in a trap, but they're not alone. Love guides our path for reasons we can't always understand.
My Notes: Malfoy and Potter and a young OFC child end up trapped in a magical-death-trap on Malfoy land (trap courtesy of Lucius 'I am a prick just because I enjoy it, bwahhahaha' Malfoy). The story is told from a tight 3rd POV on the girl, and I love watching her watching Draco and Harry. Actually, I'd say that's my very favouritest part of this story-- I am in awe of Sansa for writing this and for the style which it is written (it very nearly but not quite reminiscent of a fairy tale, and that is a style which I love.) This story has haunted me (in a good way! Perhaps I mean something more like 'stuck stubbornly around in the corners of my brain') ever since I first read it.
Allusions: The girl's references to the death watch beetle is to [Song of the Death-Watch Beetle by John Heath-Stubbs], thanks to [insanejournal.com profile] lilithilien for the link!
Why this fits: Short version: this is one of those stories that I feel every HP fan ought to have read. Slightly longer version: This fic is comparatively short, but in my mind it's a medium-long fic, because it's so very ... atmospheric? something like that, anyways. I don't really know how to properly describe this fic, but it is utterly awesome and has stuck with me since my very first reading of it.
Alternate links: [Lamp in the Cooling Room (LJ masterpost)] // [Lamp in the Cooling Room (IJ masterpost)] // [Lamp in the Cooling Room (H/D Worldcup)]

Art: [The narrator of Lamp in the Cooling Room]
Artist: milady_darken // [strigoaika]
Medium, etc.: Digital drawing, rated gen
Date posted: April 22, 2008
My notes: I find this one interesting because there's so few points of overlap between what is drawn here and what I saw in my head, but it still works-- I can see the girl in the story in the girl in the picture and vice versa. I especially like the way her shirt was done, it's such a silly detail to notice, but it works so well with what was in my head. Anyway, silly or not, I like it! (And this drawing always reminds me of one of the little neighbor girls I used to live near, so I just want to feed her and tucker her out for a nap.)

Art: [Untitled (all three of them resting/napping together) (LJ)]
Artist: raitala // [raitala (deviantart)]
Medium, etc.: Watercolour and ink.
Date posted: May 5, 2008
Artist's notes: Illustrates the following scene (I've ellided the middle bit of the quotation): [skip] "But we shouldn't be alone just now. There's safety in numbers." ... It's enough. She'll know if he's stolen.
My notes: Interestingly, this is also not how I had imagined this scene-- my imagination remains convinced that Potter was more sitting upright and she held in his lap. I know that this wouldn't make for easy sleep (it's much easier to do the sitting-upright-asleep bit if you've got someone to lean against) so the way it's drawn makes much more sense. But my brain also seems convinced that Malfoy wasn't too far away (look, I know that there's textual description on this point, but evidently I prefer to have her being an unreliable narrator on this point-- which might be defensible on the basis of her being young and scared-ish and thus her observations being filtered through that lens, but the counter-argument could be made that she's apparently fairly self-aware and a reasonably reliable narrator elsewhere and thus having her be less reliable right now isn't very logical. And I will concede this point and yet it doesn't stop my stubborn brain from interpreting it that way, and you know, I'm okay with my interpretation-- I like what it does to the story and it works for me.) Hm, but I think this section was supposed to be discussing the art? Well, it's done in fine Raitalia fashion, which means her Draco persists in having way sharper facial features than the one in my head, but the rest of it-- posture and outfit works well with what is in my head. And the little girl is recognisably the girl from this story (I suppose this painting has influenced my visualising of the girl-- she now looks more like how Raitala's drawn her than she did the first time I read this story). I love how the girl is drawn and how Potter is holding her in his sleep and how she's reaching out to Malfoy.
Alternate links: [Untitled (all three of them resting/napping together) (deviantart)]

Art: [Untitled (the final scene in the cottage)].
Artist: oldenuf2nb // [insanejournal.com profile] oldenuf2nb
Medium, etc.: Media: not stated (pencil, I think?), rated for general audiences
Date posted: 2008.05.06
Artist's notes: Illustrates the following scene (I've elided the middle bit of the quotation): [skip] "It's okay," and peels her fingers off this coat. ... Beauty was allowed to stay in her castle forever. Nobody made her leave. (End of hidden text.)
My notes: A lovely piece illustrating a major scene. I love the composition of the piece lots and lots. And I love how the looks entirely different in all three pieces and yet is definitely our beloved narrator.

Fic: ['Epilogue: Five Years Later']
Author: Lilith // [insanejournal.com profile] lilithilien (writing journal: [insanejournal.com profile] lili_pad)
Stats, etc.: 300 words, PG, gen
Date posted: 2008-05-09
Author's summary: What happens after escaping the trap?
My notes: As indicated by the title, this is a sequel to Sansa's story. I didn't find this until well after I had read Sansa's story and I think that was a happy accident for me (because it allowed the story to settle in my mind and then for me to view this epilogue as simply one of many possibilities). I like the openendedness of Sansa's story, which gives me license to imagine many different possible sequels-- and don't think that I haven't taken advantage of that! *g* -- but I've not yet decided which is my favourite (which is why I've never tried to write one). And yet I love that Lilithilien wrote down what she saw-- it's very similar in style to Sansa's and the girl is very much the same, just a tad older-- and it's fascinating seeing what someone else sees.

Podfic: I would love to hear this read aloud and I'd really really love to hear it read by multiple readers (erm, I meant multiple readings, but having a multi-reader podfic would be awesome also). But to my great sadness, I know of no podfic. *is a sad fish*

My notes on everything: This is another example of the enriching power of transformative work: this one story has prompted three works of art and one follow-on ficlet (and I wouldnt' be surprised if there were more, but I only know of these). All of these share some elements with what I saw in my head and yet none of them are exactly the same as my imagination-- and this then makes me think about what I read and what I imagined and what I'm yet none of these are exactly as I saw it myself but all of them recall the story.

Even more of my notes: *rereads this section for a final proofing* um, I guess I really like the narrator of this story? Shut up, she's awesome! (And yes, the Harry'n'Draco stuff was too, whatever, *handwaves* the narrator was awesome!). *is a silly fish* (also, you'd think I'd totally be done up with writing notes after all of that, but nooooo, I've just got to go write even more, ha!)

As always, if anyone spots any inaccuracies/dead links/missing info/additional transformative works, please let me know.